What is Tasbahee?

Tasbahee is intended to be a global platform for experienced Muslim female swimmers to share their stories and advice and to encourage new swimmers to keep going.


About the CEO and Founder

Salam Alaykum and hello!

Before I introduce Tasbahee to you, let me introduce myself!

My name is Lara Al Yafei. I’m 16 years old, I’m from Muscat, Oman and I’m the first girl on the Omani National Swimming Team.

As you may know, Oman is a conservative society and it didn't have a female member on its National Swim Team. As the first female swimmer to be admitted to the team, I suddenly found myself to be the only girl amongst 50 boys. The first few months were extremely intimidating and I was unable to find resources on the internet to guide me during this time. When looking for sources I came up with the idea to start Tasbahee, which means ‘Do you swim?’ in Arabic.

Tasbahee is intended to be a non-profit, online platform to help new young female Muslim swimmers overcome many of the societal and practical issues of being a Muslim Female swimmer today.

I want to invite you to join us on our path to make Tasbahee an international platform for experienced Muslim swimmers to share their personal experience, advice, and stories with new Muslim female swimmers around the globe. You can talk about anything from racing suits to the to how you beat your PB in 200m freestyle.

If you would like to be a part of Tasbahee, just email us at tasbahee@gmail.com, or contact us through our other social media and you’ll soon be a part of the Tasbahee squad.



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