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List of Moroccan records in swimming

The Moroccan Records in Swimming are the fastest times ever swum by an individual from Morocco. These national records are maintained by Morocco’s swimming federation, the Royal Moroccan Swimming Federation (FRMN).[1]

FRMN keeps records for both for men and women, for events in long course (50m) and short course (25m) courses. Records are kept in the following events (by stroke):

All records were achieved in finals unless otherwise specified.

Long course (50 m)

Event Time Name Club Date Meet Location Ref
50m freestyle 22.35 Mehdi Ayoubi Club Aquatique Montréal 4 August 2017 Canadian Championships Montreal, Canada [2]
100m freestyle 49.93 Mehdi Ayoubi Club Aquatique Montréal 27 July 2017 Canadian Junior Championships Toronto, Canada [3]
200m freestyle 1:52.72 Morad Berrada Morocco


18 December 2011 Pan Arab Games Doha, Qatar
400m freestyle 4:02.43 Said Saber  Morocco 5 April 2016 Arab Championships Dubai, United Arab Emirates [4]
800m freestyle 8:25.89 Said Saber  Morocco 7 April 2016 Arab Championships Dubai, United Arab Emirates [5]
1500m freestyle 16:25.51 Morad Berrada Nautic Club Nîmes 21 January 2012 FFN International Nancy, France [6]
50m backstroke 26.24 h Bilal Achelhi  Morocco 21 June 2013 Mediterranean Games Mersin, Turkey [7]
100m backstroke 56.77 Marwane El Merini CN Marseille 2 April 2016 French Championships Montpellier, France [8]
200m backstroke 2:05.36 Driss Lahrichi  Morocco 14 July 2018 Arab Championships Rades, Tunisia [9]
50m breaststroke 29.10 sf Samy Boutouil  Morocco 11 October 2018 Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires, Argentina [10]

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